James M. Reeves Pastor/Author


As Senior Pastor of Fort Worth’s City On a Hill (formerly, Celebration Fellowship Church), Dr. James Reeves regularly sees wounded people find help, hope, and healing, through Jesus Christ.

After receiving his B.A. in Greek from Baylor University in 1976, James

received his MDIV and DMIN degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He has been a pastor for more than 30 years serving as a senior pastor since 1981.  Since 1984, he has been the senior pastor at City On a Hill, also known as the Hospital Church. Since 1992 that church has practiced what James began to call - the hospital church style of ministry.

James is no stranger to emotional pain.  He was born into an alcoholic home and suffered the emotional wounds of a rough childhood.  Years later the bills began to come due in his life as the emotional wounds that he had glossed over and ignored for years began to surface.  James nearly resigned from pastoral ministry, but chose to confront his past,

then used this new found freedom in Christ to build a church based on resolving emotional woundedness issues for greater intimacy with God.

Today, in addition to his responsibilities at City On a Hill, James speaks at seminars and mentors other churches seeking to make similar transitions to the hospital church model. He has now written three books that will help churches begin and nurture the biblical concept of the Hospital Church. His first book REFUGE - the story of the Hospital Church is published by Kregel Press and is available now on amazon or cbd.com.  His second book, LIFE CHANGE is a workbook that churches can use to either begin Freedom Group Ministries or expand upon existing groups.  His third book is LIFE CHANGE FOR COUPLES, which is a re-write of the original workbook applied to marriage. The couples workbook is scheduled to be released by Kregal Press in the next couple of months. Until that time, the workbook is being self published and is available here. His desire is that the Church will once again become a place of help, hope, and healing for the wounded, hurting, and broken.

Click here to read the forward for REFUGE by Steve Arterburn - the author of the book, EVERY MAN’S BATTLE.


About James

James M. Reeves has been the pastor of

City on a Hill in Fort Worth, TX since 1984.

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